I am beginning to hate coming home at 2 am.

I’m off today, so I am contentedly enjoying a night at home with my guy.

Last night, at work, I found myself trying to get a homeless/non-hotel guest out of the downstairs men’s washroom. He was in there well over half an hour, and after I heard the sounds within (after trying the door with keys), I backed up into the vault to watch this man stumble out. I followed him until I was sure he was out of the hotel — not too close, because the lobby was busy and I was loathe to have anything happen there. There were newspapers on the floor of that bathroom, so I think the guy was trying to nap or something there.

This is why we need security at night . . . ;P

And there was a man on the subway violently whipping a newspaper in his hands, aggressively yelling at a young business man who was on the same car. I was the only other person. I found it creepy, especially the way this guy kept strutting up and down the car with his newspaper, whacking it strongly, and yelling as though to anyone and noone at once. When he finally got off, the other guy and I smirked at each other but, really, I am not used to that yet and I doubt I ever will be. r