I’ve been a horrible LJer. I’ve posted possibly three times over the past two months, and I’m really out of the loop(s). I’m sorry . . . but I’m not, in a way, because I’ve just not been so plugged in lately.

I’m traipsing on here because I am excited: yesterday, I was promoted to a Manager on Duty position with my hotel, and I start tomorrow! It is a salaried position, a good salary for an entry-level manager, and there will be other benefits thrown into the mix shortly. I have to now undergo new training beyond the front desk, learning how all of the operations work in this 520 room hotel (valet parking, room service, accounting, housekeeping, and so on).

I spent a frightening, but oddly satisfying, amount of money on a new suit after work (well, a lot more money than I am used to spending on clothing). Damn it, it is a good suit and it fits in all the right ways. I’m going to have to buy more, but this is a start. I was also told by the bell captain that I’ll have to become “a bitch” more often, but I don’t know if that is really my style. I like the whole “Pushin’ Niceness” concept. ;P The Environmental Services manager hasn’t talked to me in a few days, mind you, because I actually questioned something about that department’s operations . . . it is such a territorial workplace!

But seriously, while I am used to being in charge at the desk and I am used to dealing with crises and so on, this is a big step. A co-worker told me that I am a “rock”, which I take to mean that I don’t show my sweat! It is good to know that I’ve gotten better at these things.

This hotel is such a dramatic place — I wish I could post about the things that happen (crazy guests, crazy non-guests . . .), but I am scared of confidentiality issues.

Anyhow, I’ll try to get more active on here, and start reading back entries so I can catch up on people . . . sorry for tooting my own horn, but I’m just to excited to hold it in!