My Shadow is developing a problematic behaviour with his litter box . . . he uses it, but we have caught him pawing at his business afterwards just after he has attempted to bury it in the clumping stuff. He then gets it in his paws, and even managed to get some on the floor and, inexlicably, on a wall. I have visions of shit getting tracked through the apartment, so we’ve begun to supervise him everytime he goes.

It could be worse: I do remember my dog rolling in it on purpose. And at least Shadow is house-trained and has not made any other messes.

I looked up a site on the web which encourages spraying the cat with water when it begins this activity. Thing is, wouldn’t this also make the whole litter box unattractive in the process?

Has anyone experienced this problem before, and is there a trick to keeping a curious kitten from, er, digging?

Meanwhile, we got some great toys for him to play with and a carrier which is doubling as a lair. My favourite thing is when he climbs my shoulders in order to perch and lean against my cheek, or when he snuggles onto my chest or tummy for a nap.