I survived the week that would not end . . . and I am quite contentedly sitting in my round-the-house garb, coffee on hand, and relaxing completely.

I could only sleep in until about 6:30, but that is still an improvement over 4:30 am . . . so I feel well-rested. I have become a morning person, kicking and screaming.

It’s great being productive and busy and so on (I’ve had enough painfully unproductive and stagnant times in my life to dread not being busy), and I know that business levels will dictate that long weeks/days are necessary . . . but I am hardcore about my days off. I really needed this. My patience with ornery guests and their various requests/demands was wearing thin, and for some reason the lighting there gives me a rotten headache by midday.

That, and perfectionist me cannot seem to ever get out of work on time because there is always “something” I could be finishing up. I really have to stop that.

That, and checking the work e-mail from home — I almost did so today, and I did catch myself. I really have to kill that bad habit too.

I am loving this challenge of being a lead agent, however. I also got an excellent compliment from the boss yesterday, where she is giving me sole access to her code to make certain corrections on guest invoices because I am “the only one who gets it”, as in the procedure for these corrections. This feels great, to be trusted and to know that someone feels that you’ve got the stuff to handle big responsibilities on my own.

Not that no one has ever believed this of me, but for once I do feel like I also believe this of me and, yeah, it’s all good.

It’s all good.

But thank god for days off.