I’ve been quiet this week. I guess work has been uneventful, at least for me, since most of the action with the film festival has been taking place at night and I work exclusively mornings and early afternoons. The joy of being nearly full house for a week is that there are far fewer departures each morning. It is definitely busy, and I do come home good and tired every day, but it is certainly manageable.

Alas (or, phew), I don’t believe we have any particularly big names in the hotel — we are only a year old, and we are not in Yorkville. We were going to have a couple of very exciting people in, but that got cancelled a couple weeks ago — one of my managers believes that someone super sharp lured them to another hotel with some incentive/gifts and some fed info about us. Oh, the intrigue and gossip has flown!

It sucks because I want us hotel to have that buzz, but then again we are hardly under-occupied and the guests have been expressing rave impressions lately. We have a lot of the industry people, such as stylists, hair stylists, journalists, some independent directors, publicists, and massive film enthusiasts — I find it so interesting to chat with these people every morning, to find out which films they are viewing or involved with and how they experience this festival.

There is going to be some kind of event in the newly renovated “vault” club (literally, it is inside of the old, massively fortified, 1914 vault where the loot was kept locked back in the day when this was a bank). I am excited about this new space, which will be used for private events, small meetings, and simply as a sports bar. It is beautifully furnished, and unique. We just need that liquer license!

Yes, the longer I work here the more I am getting personally invested. The same thing happened at my old job back home. Therefore, my post is now sounding a touch like an ad! Yeah yeah yeah . . . 😛