Mike got an interesting commission through his new business: a friend of his is earnestly offering $80 to get a self-portrait done . . . a portrait of himself hanging out with 50 Cent.

A joke painting. But he is paying! So Mike has done some research and a sketch. I will have to post updates.

Also, the person who bought his first painting came by to pick it up. He was interested in the other PEI landscapes, but passed on them because they would not fit with his new house.

Monday, my day off, we’ll wander The Beach(es) — prime dog-walking territory — to see where we can put up advertisements.

I can’t express how fabulous it is to watch him start, create, and complete each project.

In other news . . . the last of the delegates with the AIDS conference checked out today. Easily the most hectic and exhausting week in my hotel industry career (full house, and high high maintenance), but the guests were positive and pleasant with their comments. I’m just looking forward to the normal, busy but manageable flow of tourists and suits before we get crazy again with the film fest! Wow, where is the summer going?!