Today was a good day — the managers loved my design for the concierge sheet and have given me the go ahead to do it weekly. I think, unless they start scheduling me time to do it, I’ll have to do it at home or split it up with a colleague. I feel really satisfied to have a project I can call my own, though.

Now I’ve singled myself out, and I think they feel I am more skilled than I am because now I have to lay-out a yearbook (yes, a book) and have it ready to print for Sunday evening. This is for the one year anniversary of the hotel mid-week — I got volunteered by the manager to be on the social committee (in absentia until now). I guess I better learn how to do it!!
I’m also responsible for the invitations.

There’s my weekend right there. But I can’t complain because I am getting to do something a little more up my alley, and maybe (if I can pull it together!), I can get opportunities in other departments or at least expand my current duties.

I am also seriously considering a marketing course at George Brown College. I don’t know that I want to be a front desk agent the rest of my life! The back office whispers to me.

It is also a great day as it is a one year anniversary for me and my guy — I got spoiled again, this time with Orange-Glazed Pork and some chocolate caramel treats. What a year!