After the bad day on Thursday, I’ve felt more ambitious and tougher and less anxious at work. I’ve just been stepping up my work. I am also getting a couple self-initiated projects underway, one of which my manager is excited about and loves the sound of, and so I am preparing a pitch of sorts for tomorrow to present to a higher-up manager. Damn it, I will not twiddle my thumbs at the front desk. I am not holding myself back, waiting for either things to fall into my lap or the sky to fall (whichever would come first).

A couple of colleagues do peeve me because, well, one of them has been doing hotel work for over a decade and yet he shows next to no friendliness with guests and he’s cynical as hell. How can you do customer service work and get away with having no service orientation?!

I am spoiled! Mike made homemade crepes filled with ice cream, big and fresh and local blueberries and raspberries, banana slices, and drizzled with maple syrup. mmmmmmm