I hesitate to write about work on here. It is always a dangerous line to toe. But I do have a topic which I think others might relate to . . .

I love my manager, but the person is a touch on the melodramatic side these days and it makes it so difficult to communicate with this person when they are in “a mood”!!

I know, I know: it is the easiest thing in the world to critique a boss from below. And, most of the time, this person is sufficiently professional to have dialogue and discussion and amicable conversation in between. I marvel at how they handle some of the high maintenance clients.

But this person has these moments, and sometimes entire days, where they just emote and get frazzled and talk without listening, within the inner office, and there are days when we purposely avoid that area lest there be cynical comments about this person losing time on whatever we have to ask about or pass on . . . I know overwork is a high factor in such a high-stakes industry, but time seems spent talking about it and complaining about it . . . there are times when I get so irritated by unpredictably and the attitude. There is also, sometimes, a dose of self-pity in there too . . . venting is important, yes, and managers are human . . . but it is nice to work with and look to someone who doesn’t act out, increasingly, due to stress and misdirected anger at other departments and managers. I don’t get yelled at, but others do and I find that it is often a case of wrong place, wrong time.

It just doesn’t always make for a climate where one feels comfortable presenting issues or questions . . . the four shift managers are the opposite, too apathetic and awfully jaded about service and sometimes not interested in helping us go teh extra mile for people if it takes too much effort/cost, and that doesn’t help either. Everyone else is easy-going yet committed and energized.

Oh, dear, I didn’t mean to rant so much about office politics . . . oh, no one here knows anyone I’m speaking of, and I think we all have managers we like and respect but who can get under the skin . . . and even really bad managers.

Shhh don’t tell on me . . .