My man’s yellow.

He’s got jaundice. Yes, it gets stranger.

The whites of his eyes are yellow, and even his skin is yellow cast (and he’s dark-complexioned anyway).

And we just spent SIX hours at the non-hospital. Turns out, all along, it might not have been penumonia at all, but MONO . . . so he’s taken five courses of three different antibiotics to fight off a virus.

And the doctor, in the end, just said to stop taking the antibiotics and come back Sunday for more bloodwork . . .

I think the medical system here is fucked.

The day will soon improve: we’re off to dinner (Lobster! Mussels!) and then to see Lord of the Rings — The Musical

Oh I’m sick of waiting rooms! At least he’s feeling much better these days, and maybe the mono is dying on its own, no thanks to the medication which seems to be doing more harm than good.