This has been a weird weekend. My boyfriend has been suffering through pneumonia for a couple weeks now, and finally his sister (a nurse) and parents had him spend the weekend in their area (Uxbridge) to go to a smaller, local hospital for better care. He was not admitted, but he is being treated with much more professionalism. Other tests are also being run to ensure nothing else is going on in there (eg. they gave him a tubercolosis test)!

He will likely be brought back here tomorrow, and it is probably a matter of taking a slow, tedious recovery. It just happens to be a tenacious form of pneumonia.

What stinks is that I had to stay behind due to work, and so I’ve had to wait for phone updates. I was going to travel up today as I’m off, but this was not to be as his mother fell ill too, and I didn’t want to just be an extra body in the way. Too much sickness!

Anyway, I’ll feel better when he’s back and I can hold him again and do the little things I’m used to doing again. Funny, we spent months living provinces away, and a couple nights apart make me feel weird.

I feel powerless here. And, although I am a person who can entertain herself quite well on her own, this day has felt strange. It was too hot to really spend much time out most of the day (I tried the porch for a little while). I let myself indulge in some reading and cappucino frozen yogourt and some mindless TV consumption.

Canada Day was really just another work night, and it just isn’t quite as much of an event here as back home (okay, I’m totally homesick this weekend) but tonight there are still fireworks in the area and I know there will be tomorrow too.

Tuesday, I’m back on that 4:30 am wake-up shift . . . gag. At least it seems as though things will be rather unbusy, as business travel slows this week. I love being able to take my time at work, to indulge the guests on a more individual basis — when there are hundreds of check-ins and check-outs a day, it does begin to blur.

Apologies, folks, for a dull pokey post. I’m just missing my partner tonight.