I made it through the seven consecutive days at work, getting thoroughly sick of the place and some of the backwards bureaucracy and the endless wah-wahing of guests. I normally enjoy this work immensely, and the instant rewards of doing good and making guests happy . . . but yes, it wears and tears on the spirit (some guests are just assclowns, sorry, and no amount of pleasantness or striving can please them). That, and the 4:30 am wake-ups this past week killed me.

The other fun in the week has been my poor boyfriend developing pneumonia, and then combatting (me beside him) the stupidities of the local health care system. A walk-in clinic docor stupidly told him two weeks ago it was allergies . . .
and the night at the urgent care/non-emergency room at the strange not-a-hospital that looks like one and calls itself a general hospital . . . grrr. I actually lost my temper at a clerk the other night, when my guy was struggling to breathe, rocketing at a 103 fahrenheit temp, and the two clerks were having a little social hour and told me to look for a nurse myself . . . anyone who knows me well knows I don’t confront all that often or get aggressive. I have never felt so frustrated.

He is feeling better today, the fever down to about 100, and I am at least home for a couple days to watch out for hime and take care of him. Thank God his mom and a sister are nurses with lots of wisdom.