I’m awake again. I fell asleep early this evening because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open after a busy day and about 4-5 hours sleep last night. I should have pushed to stay awake longer, because I’ve just popped awake again just a bit ago. I hate feeling like I might wake Mike up with my restless movement, so I get up and move to another room to get it out of my system.

Some of it has to do with my continually congested state these days, which the antibiotics and cough remedies are helping but not healing completely yet. The tickle in my throat won’t die. This is odd for me, because I haven’t had sleep problems for a couple years now, and the old reasons for the insomnia (eg. anxiety, bipolar) are not present. I’m definitely not thinking about work or mulling over anything (she’s come a long way)!

It is okay tonight because I don’t work until 2:30 pm, and so I can sleep in a little to catch up — I do need to be up until midnight before I get home tomorrow night, so this won’t mess me up too much (would love a consistent schedule though)! Doing a whack of crossword puzzles until my eyes were crossed helped immensely last night, as did some hot herbal tea. But it is so frustrating being aware of the clock, the elapsing time, and your inability to simply drift off.