I just hate how I lose my taste for coffee when I am under the influence of a bug. Flavorless at best, bitter and vile at worst. The only thing to do is substitute with tea, which is soothing for the purpose.

Well, I’m fueling up on echinacea and fluids and my antibiotics and the occasional bowl of sherbet to soothe the throat (nothing refreshes quite like fruit sherbet).

And back to work tomorrow where, from what I can gather from work e-mail, things are a mite chaotic due to some rate and room category changes. Whoo-hoo. Hopefully there is no backlash at the fact that I took those two days off (I’m still new enough that I don’t know all of the back office vibe quite yet).

My brother turns 24 tomorrow and I cannot quite wrap my head around it (!)

And I have various songs from the soundtrack of Rent swimming in my head.