Since the alleged terrorism plot was uncovered over the weekend, my mom is expressing a lot more anxiety about my life in Toronto these days. The media coverage of this story has been soaked in high drama, of course.

I focus on the positive slant, as I despise the idea of taking on a more fearful or anxious perspective on my day to day life here. I want to stick with the idea that, hell, the suspects were caught before anything could happen and that, if the allegations are true, then things will proceed from there. I hope that justice is carried out, and fairly.

But I can see where she is nervous. I do take the TTC daily, and I do work in the Financial District. It is now suspected that the Toronto Stock Exchange was a possible target (along with every other prominent landmark in Ontario!), and that place is about three blocks from my workplace. She tries not to worry-wart too much over the phone, but I can feel it.

Of course, my building (mostly built post-9/11) has an extremely oversensitive security system: too much dust in the elevator shaft, and the alarms can go off (very annoying but, I guess, this should be reassuring).

It is hard to reassure overvigilent parents when they are at a distance, and when they only see the nasty headlines about crime or smog or whatever and can only go by your word that, no, you are not in any imminent danger.

These days, though, I just don’t rub in to them every potentially risky thing that I do, like the fact that I travel alone, and perfectly secure at that, at midnight on Friday nights after work and that the only threats I’ve encountered are boredom and impatience, and occasional bad body odour from other commuters, along the route.

I imagine many people have worry-wart parents who know more about the news in your neighbourhood than you do.