I’m hauling the fan out today.

It is 30 degrees out, but the humidex makes it feel like about 40 degrees. It is impossible to not feel sticky and gross this morning. And I am getting my first smog warning experience! Whoopee! I like this city and all, but I am getting nostalgic for clean air, cool breezes, and a very easy 20 minute commute (which only seemed like a pain in the arse back home)!


I imagine I will have to book my cab ride for a good hour and a half before I need to begin work, with traffic being what it is. At least it isn’t during the rush. I’d rather be obscenely early and then go for a nice lunch than be stuck in a cab, in traffic, and late.

Lord help me if the a/cs aren’t working properly in any guest rooms at work. I will take a chunk out of someone eventually.