I am coming to dread the commute home on a rainy day, especially in the middle of the week.

I never get out of work on time, and today I was an hour later getting out for various reasonable and unreasonable reasons.

So, I hit the ride home today smack in the middle of the rush. Just another mote within clots of human gush.

The subway I can handle, because I get on at a point where things aren’t too tight. I don’t mind standing, and I don’t mind being a certain degree closer to people I don’t know (to a point).

But I often feel like a head of cattle on the bus on these days. I get nice and squished and much closer to other stranger’s bodies than I ever care to be. I get to take in all sorts of unexpected smells. And I get to seriously test my sealegs.

I can still take all that. What I hate, though, is the aggressive, rude, and sour mindset some commuters take on. You can smell that well over everything else. And those people, well, I don’t know how they make it through in the long run. I guess this is their coping strategy, but I can’t see how going through life in a cranky funk can do much for anyone.