I am here in Toronto, and yet PEI and the east coast are always with me through strange little bits of daily connectivity.

For example, I figured that getting off the Island would distance myself well and good from the whole “Anne of Green Gables” culture/trap.

That was a pipe dream, I guess. There just so happens to be a reunion of all the “Road to Avonlea” cast at the ROM over the weekend, and my hotel has a small but chatty group of L.M. Montgomery-heads in house. I had my ear chatted off by one dame who described her last visit in excrutiating detail, among other things. Of course, such people will note my freckles and the rather faint reddish cast of my hair . . . gag gag gag.

Today was baptism by fire day. It was my first in uniform and behind the desk, but it was so busy that inevitably I was right in the think of it all. I did check-ins, check-outs, room changes, concierge stuff, package posting, and so on all in one shift, and it was only my first time even using their computer system. I’m doubtful that I’ll remember the steps tomorrow . . .

And I had my first cranky guest!! Whoo-hoo challenge!

My big obstacle is not the guests (it takes a lot to daunt me, as far as guest behaviour goes), and not even the procedures and operations. My big challenge is to learn the city inside and out. I must know all transportation systems, all local businesses and districts, directions, and so on and so on. I am learning by doing, but god I am still so green behind the ears. My manager is setting up an Amazing Race Challenge for us around the downtown in the next month . . .