I had a very short first day of work yesterday. The weirdest bit was being whisked into an upper management meeting within a half-hour of arriving, in part to be introduced to the various faces. Intriguing glimpse into the operational level . . .

Yeah, I love it.

Mostly, I filled out the usual forms and got a tour of the historic parts of the building and of some of the room types in the older tower. I haven’t had a chance to go up into the modern tower, which is the tallest building in North America to be so slender. I’m keen to check out the penthouses . . .

The place is very new, as a hotel/condo property, and there is lots of construction ongoing below ground level and in the old bank hall. The old 1914 vault is fascinating (it takes 6 men to move the door) and I did get a kick out of exploring the endless stairways and hallways and back areas (but I don’t think I can find my way to the staff room on my own)!

Most importantly, it is just exciting to be involved so early in this kind of development and to imagine what will come out of every step. The place is busy and has good occupancy levels, so I’m in for a challenge on that level too. I’m going from a 54 room property to one with over 500 rooms!

I also have lots to study. I need to learn the downtown, esp. the financial district, inside and out as well as all of the new details about the hotel in of itself.

Today, I think I get a longer and more in-depth training session. And it is going to be hot: 25 degrees baby!

The other new person kept telling me how brave and courageous it is to make a leap from PEI to Toronto . . . I don’t really, and never have, looked at it that way. And aside from some jitters around job hunting, I’ve never felt a need to scrounge up gumption. Big adventure, yes, but it all feels so right that I can’t say it has been something all that scary to experience.