I had a lovely, easygoing weekend, and I seem to be capping it off with an absurdly lazy Monday.

Mike is long gone, and I’ve just been hanging out here. Aside from a quickie walk to grab a paper, and basic little cleaning duties, I haven’t done much at all so far today. Since I start my new job tomorrow, I’m not going to worry too much about my productivity today!
That, and the recent grass-cutting around here has me filled up and short on energy. Damned allergies putting a damper on the whole spring experience.

It will be up to 21 degrees today, which is basically summer weather on PEI, and the sun is out and things are exploding with green these days. The whole week is going to be nice, so I do want to enjoy this one free day with a long walk in the local park and a nice sit out of my balcony with a good book and a beer. I hear all kinds of strange noises/bits of conversation from out there.

The highlight of the weekend came yesterday, with an afternoon trip to the Toronto Islands. The gardens are not quite ready yet, the fountains are not running, and the little Centreville amusement park is abandoned until reopening next weekend (ticky-tacky, but I can see the fun little ones could have in it). And it was cold, esp. on the boardwalk (I could only make out the shadowy towers of Mordor, er, Hamilton).

Still, we walked the length of it (down to the residential area, with the trippy houseboats and the cute little cottages) and gawked at mallards and horny male pigeons and fuzzy yellow Canada Goose goslings and other animals in the farm bit. And we laughed at the stupid boys in t-shirts and shorts, getting frisbees caught up in large trees and doing stupid things to try and get them down. I got a great deal of dog envy going as well — I so miss having a furry friend, and I cannot wait until we get our cat!!

Famished, and with tired legs, we made our way up to Dundas and Bay. Along the way, we kept passing trickles of Sikhs all dressed in vibrant yellow and orange. Then came the tractor-trailer with the army jeep and more men cheering and punching the air. And as we got closer to that incredibly ugly current city hall area, we saw the sea of saffron and tangerine, with punches of hot pink and apple green.
We hadn’t the slightest what was going on, and we tried to listen in on the speeches but the feedback was terrible.

We figured, since there were so many families and young kids, that it wasn’t a protest or anything. And we were right — it was a major Sikh religious holiday yesterday, something like a New Year’s celebration. There were approx. 80,000 people in the parade which had ended at the city hall area, and this impresses me because there are about that many people in Charlottetown, PE!

I’m getting used to this concept of hugeness and vastness and mulitiplicities, in gobs and gabs. I am, remember, from a place where, at certain times of year, there are no people around for miles.

Then, a tasty, yet surreal, dinner at a Red Lobster as a general act of celebration. Being a PEI girl, living up the road from a lobster wharf, I’ve only ever had lobster as a sporadic home-cooked thing, or as a “feed” (and I think the season starts this week). This restaurant had faux-rustic grey-weathered pannelling, fake wooden shop signs, and a large listing of seafood which was, to a great proportion, from Atlantic Canada. If they had been playing down home music, it would have really put it all over the edge but, fortunately or unfortunately, it was bland adult contemporary shit. That said, it was a fantastic treat. My boyfriend craves lobsters like a good Ontario boy.

And I’m putting off errands and cleaning and so on and so forth. I downloaded some tracks by this Manchester band, “Doves”, and I am just enjoying the bliss of having no timeline or schedule for a day.