I’ve been very content not having a car (and not paying for gas) since moving here, since the TTC is relatively navigable and since so much is in walking distance anyway. However, today I found myself in a nice pickle with too much stuff to lug back and the flimsiest of plastic baggies within which to hold it all. If I had stronger bags, I probably could have made it on my own but, nope, el cheapo.
That being said, I regularly underestimate the weight of things and my ability to carry that weight. And so, I currently have handle markings creased into my inner elbows. I had a distinct waddle to my walk. So glad for the lovely anonymity that big city life affords!

All bags were showing tears within a few yards, so I’m glad I sprung to spend the bus ticket rather than tackling the 20-25 minute walk home. My biggest parcel became something of an obstacle in the bus aisle.

And I was pissed to find that one of my flower pots had split cleanly in half in transit, although I had not dropped them or banged them in any way. Grrr, cheap-ass Canadian Tire.

I really missed having the convenience of a car to tote everything back with, though.

Then again, people drive like maniacal yahoos around here.