When a Manager at a potential job site leaves an urgent voice mail on your cell and says “Welcome Aboard”, I am going to presume this is a very good thing!

I got the message just after getting off my bus at the subway station, en route to interview #2 for the graveyard shift job. I called back and left a message, booted it back home, and I decided to cancel the interview this morning because, well, I think I have to make a careful decision about anything that will affect my sleep and health. This position will be fulltime, and it was strongly suggested at my interview that there was lots of flexibility for shifts and one person in the team who actually wants to get out of mornings (?!), perhaps giving me an in to a more “normal” schedule. There is also room to expand my writerly and concierge interests.

I’m hoping I heard it all right. I have replayed the voice mail several times over, and it is clearly “welcome aboard”!!!

I’m so ready to start working again — I’ve missed it so much, after less than three weeks unemployed! I think I will love it there.