I went out with Marieve and her aunt Lise to a restaurant/bar on Adelaide called The Vox. It was my opportunity to meet the new fellow in her world and to watch him perform live, original music. The place was unfortunately occupied by some extremely drunk yuppies who chattered loudly throughout, but the food was lovely and the space swank. We also had an Irish server — I love Irish accents.
My fave was the acoustic version of Radiohead’s Idiotheque (sp?).

But I decided to leave earlier because I had told my SO that I would be home around a certain time, and I do have that interview this morning for the questionable shift job. Partly, though, it was an experiment on how comfortable I would feel commuting home from the downtown at about that time of night. And I was happy to see the large numbers of people still moving through the subway, men in suits and students and workers and so on, and esp. to see the police riding the trains. The bus took awhile to get to the station, but that was fine as well. I felt perfectly secure.

Yes, this might sound like obvious observations coming from an absolute girl-naif, but that is what I am on a level. I am adjusting quickly, but I am still a small-town girl by experience and I’m not used to big city life like this. As I pass through and all, a part of me is still going “wowee” in the inside at the sheer numbers of people, and at the sights, sounds, and smells.

I’m never bored, that’s for damn sure.