Anyone out there who has done overnight shifts (eg. night audit) — yea or nay?

Another day of mixed success on the job hunt. But it was a great day for exploring the downtown.

The first interview went well, although I was nearly late due to a stupid move on my part, in getting on the wrong train in the subway. Luckily, I realized right away that I was on the wrong course. The hotel is classy, and has one of the best restaurants for dim sum in the city which draws many a body during the TIFF in September. Anyway, the position is part-time to start with potential for full-time hours, and the shifts are flexible. I feel I did well enough on the interview to make it to the next round (out of three!) with Human Resources. But I’ll have to wait until the week’s end or until next week to hear on that.

The second one is at a place where I’d love to work, and it has so much going for it at first glance . . . the manager was great, the hotel is absolutely fabulous and smack in the centre of the Financial District, the requirement is for full-time, and I think there sounds like great training potential. The wage is still nearly double what I made back home.

But the front desk is unionized, and so shifts are based on seniority. Meaning, by default, I would be working overnight from 11 pm to 7 am until whenever the next newbie is hired . . .

Damn! I feel like it is a place where I could grow and learn, but what a fucking shift! I would be getting home after my boyfriend has left for the day’s work. We would mostly see each other during a small window at night. My parents would FREAK.

I don’t want to be desparate and just take the first job in my field that pops along — I haven’t been here two weeks, after all. But I HATE the idea of passing up any full-time job.

I wonder how long it takes to climb up in a unionized hotel . . .

There is a position at the Four Seasons which I applied for Tuesday, for a junior concierge, and I am very much hopeful that I could get called in for that since that was my favourite role at the GG.

On the upside, I had lots of time in the middle to explore and drop off more ressys. There are other hotels I have not applied to yet, either. Well, we’ll see what comes. I’ll just do the second interview tomorrow. I haven’t gotten any job yet, after all.