And I got call #3 late this afternoon offering an interview at another hotel downtown. I’ve been trying to get through since, but I’ll have to try calling back tomorrow during his business hours. I’m not gloating, I’m just very taken aback since I only started putting myself out there on Wednesday.

Interview number one felt like it went fabulously well. The manager is a nice, amicable person, and the environment offers lots of opportunity for growth in this field. I might even be able to do concierge-oriented writing. And the wage far surpasses what I could ever hope to earn back home for the same work.

The second interview . . . I didn’t like the front desk manager who interviewed me much, and the shift is 4:30 to midnight so the transportation is an issue. The first interview did cite 3-11 pm shifts, but the difference is that the place is directly above the subway.