I have got to stop staring up at immense, gleaming, tall buildings when I walk downtown streets, as I fear it marks me as a newbie.

It was a beautiful day to drop resumes at a couple of spots downtown, and also to get myself better acquainted with the area and the TTC. I think things went well in my cold calls, and there is promise in at least one of those places (we hope). But Mike and I, once the nerve-wracking deeds were done, were able to treat ourselves to a relaxing lunch at this bright, colourful spot called The Hot House Cafe. We had fabulous service — all staff, including the girl washing the dishes, were genuine in their friendliness. And the food looked and tasted inventive, spicy, and delish. Coloured wine bottles are standing in patterns in windows and on shelves. They seem to specialize in a strong wine selection, but we did our typical beer thing. From the window, we could see the Flatiron building and the diverse range of people streaming by.

In the lower level of the Fairmont Royal York, there is a fun games store which specializes in interesting board and strategy games, chess boards, model cars, jigsaw puzzles, and other leisure treats for grown-ups. I came fracking close to scooping up Settlers of Catan, but I think I’ll hold off until I have a regualr paycheck again!