I had a dream last night where I got the results of my mystery shopper test, and I had failed – badly. In fact, I remember the exact score I got (yes, I get detailed dreams): 8 out of 25 points. I had the results in my hand — a grid of points and check-marks and exes, but I could not read the smeared ink/lead to understand where I had failed and why, and where I had done right for that matter. I also could not tell which guest had been the mystery shopper.

I was upset, obviously, and emotional in the dream. I had studied, done my best and put my most professional face forward, and it didn’t seem logical that it resulted in a fail. One of my bosses was in the dream and he was very nice/empathetic about it all, although I was terrified to show him I had failed, and so badly. He was willing to help me confront the tester to ask about why, in spite of my best efforts and hard work, I had failed. I also recall that, in the dream, every single person I checked in or made a reservation for over the past weekend came forth and explained all the things I did wrong or neglected to do . . . ick!

When I woke up, I had this sinking feeling in my tummy that I HAD failed.

yeah . . . funny, I don’t have any scary dreams or even the slightest nervousness about the move or about Toronto or cohabitation or any of that. Just niggling nerves about a stupid mystery shopper experience!

But things always do work out, somehow, even in the ways you do not expect them too . . . or, ESPECIALLY in the ways you do not expect them to!

In real time, I got a call, and then I found an e-mail, explaining that I’ll come in the work Thursday early afternoon for an interview kind of oral test (this is my impression of it, anyhow). I was told it would be simple, and then I should be able to achieve my certification before I fly off to Toronto the next day.

Yes, I am aware it is silly to put so much nervous energy into one test, and into one credential — but it is one which may give me a considerable step up in my job search in Toronto.