Whee!! I’ll be there just in time! (in other news, ginormous patriotic book scales CN Tower, threatening to crush half of the metropolis):

The whole BookCrossing idea is that books are not meant to be stowed away on shelves, but are meant to be shared and “released”. So, participants leave their used books in random public spots so that others may happen upon them. There is a website where people share their experiences, and usually there are stickers to put on the books so that the finders a) get that they can take the book and b)how to inform the releaser that someone did collect the book.

I’ve been thinking of dropping books in this way throughout Ch’town this week. It seems like a great way to dispose of a lot of books in a short amount of time, and to the benefit of random strangers. Might leave out the official logo stickers, though.

It really is silly of me to insist on getting so attached to all of those books right now, and having them in storage at the parent’s house to collect later.

And, to replenish the empty bookshelves, I can explore Toronto’s streets in search of new finds! Oh, half of the fun is the discovery of what you do not expect to find! The used bookstores of Toronto are already deadly for me.