Peter Richards, the managing editor of PEI’s The Buzz, has been trying to speak with me through my now former workplace all week . . . turns out he was hoping to have me write articles, esp. theatre reviews I imagine, for them this summer. I did it before a few summers ago and it was a paid writing gig. Dang!

If anyone local is interested in writing articles in their spare time, for a little extra cash (it is actually decent pay per article), I can forward your name and details to him. It would involve attending plays (comp) and reviewing them, I imagine. It was not too time consuming when I did it. And lots of locals will get to read your work!

I’m a little sad about it (it is easy to wonder what if), but I think that I would love to edge into writing for smallish Toronto zines and websites if I can. I saved all of my clippings, and maybe Mr. Richards would be willing to vouch for my professionalism from past work done for them. Maybe . . .

No regrets.