First, good news: I passed, and passed well, the Front Desk Certification exam the other day. I just need to successfully navigate my mystery shopper, and then I am set!

But that is overshadowed lately by some serious logistical complications. The move, or at least the method of it, is getting more complicated and expensive than previously estimated or presumed.

For starters, my car is no longer deemed fit to take to Toronto after all, or at least we have been warned that it will cost more and risk more than it is worth. Apparently, there are many structural problems, undetectable to any but a mechanic, which will probably kill it along the way. Great. I feel safe driving it now . . .

And my parent’s car is small. And renting a car to drive one way (my parents booked a flight home a while ago) is extremely, obscenely expensive. I mean, I might as well fly first class and ship it all later.

The main thrust, increasingly, is that I really will have to leave behind a lot of things — nothing like necessity and restriction to make you contemplate which possessions are of value and which are not, so much. Yes, my boyfriend’s father has offered to ferry stuff back when he drives to PEI in July, but I don’t want to store away and tote with me a lot of extra baggage either and burden it on others. It is time to let go of some packratted stuff.

So there is purging to be done.

The big casualties will be my huge assortment of books. Yes, it so happens I am someone who gets attached to her books, and I have a large bookcase stuffed with them and then some. I will have to sell or give away about 2/3’s of them at this rate.