Randy posted a link to a blog being maintained by a person in Minsk, Belarus, called br23. If you are interested in learning more about what is happening in that country lately, from an individual’s perspective, it is an excellent reference.

This story, below, is revealing. The fact they still use the name “KGB” for their security forces is chilling (I have heavily edited this to highlight the main points, so follow the link for the full article):

Belarus’ KGB Posing as U.S. Embassy
March 27th, 2006

On March 23 Viachaslau Siuchyk (a prominent opposition activist) received a phone call on his mobile. A girl said she’s a representative of the U.S.Embassy in Belarus, and she told him that Ambassador George Krol wants to meet him. Siuchyk was a bit surprised that he couldn’t see the number on his mobile phone (it said “undisclosed number”) . . . .

The girl said the U.S. Embassy will send a car to fetch him into safety. Indeed, some time later a car with yellow (diplomatic) licence plates arrived on October square. At first, policemen forbid them to park there, but for some reason after talking with the driver they allowed the car to park . . . .

The car drove away with mister Siuchyk, only to stop hundreds meters down the road, next to a minivan with dark shaded glasses, full of people in black masks.

The people from the “U.S. embassy car” opened the door, violently threw Siuchyk into this minivan which immediately sped away.

Inside the car people in masks told to Viachaslau Siuchyk several times “we are going to kill you!” “We’ll kill you and throw your body into a dump,” said one of the people in a mask.

Siuchyk remained silent throughout. Seeing no reaction from him, they started beating him up. Opposition politician was brutally beaten.

He was eventually (he doesn’t know how much later, because he lost consciousness) brought to a police station somewhere, and policemen at the station seeing his condition, called an ambulance.

At this moment he’s in a hospital, in pretty bad condition. Doctors say he has a serious head concussion. There are policemen guarding his hospital room day and night.

Full article here