Wowee. I love how they are combining the art of storytelling with jazz music, which is so interpretive and improvised at heart. And they throw in an artist who will paint to the story and music along the sidelines. I love when multiple art forms converge. This past summer, for example, during the Victoria Row jazz concerts in Charlottetown, they had some young painters working on murals in the background throughout the festival to create works that expressed the sounds of the live jazz. Some were gorgeous.

Anyway, here is the listing:

Tuesday April 4
8:00 – 10:00 pm
“City Tales” and Jazz

Helen Porter and Jim Blake tell stories about the lives of four different characters set in the landscape of the shops, streets, buildings, parks, and houses of Toronto. Rob Clutton (Bass), Lina Allemano (Trumpet), Tim Posgate (guitar) create jazz soundscapes for each story. Actor/Artist Randi Helmers will paint works in response to each telling.

FEATURING: Helen Carmichael Porter, Jim Blake, Rob Clutton, Lina Alemano, Tim Posgate, Randi Helmers
LOCATION: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas West, Toronto
ADMISSION: $20 adult, $15 senior/ student
NB: Dinner Reservations guarantee best seating Phone 416 588 0307