Oh boy.

I just found a website (The Dialectizer) that will transform any text in a given URL into a dialect such as Jive, Computer Hacker, or Swedish Chef versions.

For example, here is what I did to one of Randy’s posts by putting it through the “Redneck” Dialectizer (which is quite probably the polar opposite of Randy’s usual communications)!:

Original Randy:

The seal hunt is a complicated issue, if only because of the sheer number of highly contested issues. A case can be made that the seal hunters play a vital role in preventing seal overpopulation, though I have to wonder what happened to the seal-consuming predators that should be filling that role. I’m not going to even try to tackle the issue of humane kills and if that’s even a possibility. Others are tackling these issues, and good for them.

“Redneck Randy”:

Th’ seal hunt is a complicated issue, eff’n only on account o’ of th’ sheer number of highly corntested issues. A case kin be made thet th’ seal hunters play a vital role in preventin’ seal on overpopulashun, though ah have t’wonner whut happened t’th’ seal-cornsumin’ predato’s thet sh’d be fillin’ thet role. ah’s not a-gonna even try t’tackle th’ issue of hoomine kills an’ eff’n thass even a postibility. Others is tacklin’ these issues, an’ fine fo’ them, dawgone it.

Anyone imagine Randy saying “dawgone it”?

yes, i am a geek.