I’ve discovered a great blog by a Canadian-based professor/medievalist called The Green Knight I am posting this excerpt, and link, as much for his commentary on the issue as for the actual article he is commenting on.

Here is the target: Women as Meat

Students and parents were shocked and outraged when, they said, female students were compared to pieces of meat by a Christian author at a Brevard County [Florida] high school lecture….

“[The Christian author said,] ‘Women shouldn’t be surprised, if they dress like a piece of meat, if men want to put them on the barbeque,'” said student Dana Tarasabage.

The offended students said girls were portrayed as being to blame for boys’ adolescent attractions.

And here are a couple paragraphs from his post (full text here):

Westerners, before modern science, had this theory that everything was lumenescent: in other words, that everything you saw — rocks, trees, people — sent out rays that entered your eyes and allowed you to see. That, in large part, is where the notion that women are “responsible” for male sexual impulses came from; if women were actively sending out sex-rays into men’s eyes, then yeah, it might make some sense, kind of, to regard men’s sexual impulses as something externally imposed on them by women.

But we know now that this is not how vision works, and we also know that this is not how sexual impulse works either. We know that women have the same inherent autonomy and dignity as men have. And we know that men are not merely a bunch of deranged monkey-boys who just can’t control their peckers and need women to help guard their chastity for them; they are, and can be, self-responsible human beings. That is, if they agree to grow up, like most of us, but unlike, apparently, this speaker.