From the beloved “Bookslut” blog:

Some parents of Malibu (Calif.) High School students are unhappy with the selection of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones for a “campuswide reading event for grades 9-12.” A committee of students selected the book.

Parent Cathy Egner predicted, “There will be kids who will be haunted for the rest of their lives by the things they will be exposed to for the first time in this book. Why do we have to think that we are so politically correct that we have to deal with these issues now, at this stage in their lives?” . . .

“Kids always do what they think makes them look mature, and that may be why they picked this book” said parent Cindy Dorn. “I don’t want my son to read about a rape and a murder.”

Jesus. This is post-Columbine America. These kids probably have to walk through metal detectors to get to class. Don’t you think they’re familiar with these concepts by now? At any rate, the students might get the last laugh regardless:

The principal said the school plans to send parents a letter describing the book and the assignment, and give parents an option to have their children read a different book at the parents’ option. Although that book hasn’t been selected, teachers said another student preference was George Orwell’s “1984.”