There are lots of very productive things I could be doing right now. I mean, it is only 24 more sleeps until I leave the Island. There’s a whole life to organize and purge and pack away, and bits to give away (I might be giving away tons of books on here shortly, as my car will not accommodate them all and everything else to boot)!

And there is a new resume half-fine-tuned, still needing a bit of tinkering.

There are calls to make, appointments to book, things to clean, things to inspect and update and transfer . . .

Yeah. I am taking it in bits and pieces, progressively. I got the car nicely cleaned, at least.

At least this week I actually have two whole days off. I can schedule a lot in two days. Maybe today it is okay to moodle a bit, exercise a while on the treadmill, have a nice big lunch, scarf down more of my book-on-the-go, whatever before I have to go to work again.

I am such a stubborn girl.