This is from last late spring, if I recall — some “solitary blues” (herons) gracefully standing, waiting, hunting for fish . . . with the Covehead Bay and a spectacular sunset in the backdrop. I doubt I’ll get to see them again until the next time I visit PEI, after I move to the big city (where all I’ve noted much of , so far, was some massive mutant-sized squirrels and some gulls by the harbour).

This part of the shoreline is directly below the cliff/escarpment where the Stanhope Beach Resort stands now. The herons all seem to group heavily in that area, probably because it is further from being directly alongside the road and probably because the fisherman’s wharf is closer.

The herons are something I will miss dearly. When I do get a chance to talk up the place to potential guests, I keep telling them, reflexively, about the herons and the sunsets.