This fox was sitting on my front porch about an hour ago, watching the front lawn and field with such hungry seriousness. We do have a noisy gang of squirrels in the woods, and plenty of field mice in the grass — that seems to be what it was sniffing for later.

It made me laugh because this is precisely how my old dog, Satch, used to sit on the porch — scanning for foxes intruding on his turf! Good to know someone’s keeping rodents away, but it makes me remember our wonderful watchdog. Satch died pretty much a year ago now . . . wow. And the local wildlife has definitely gotten much more relaxed on our property!

There are many foxes rambling about Stanhope and other semi-rural communities about the Island. Disturbingly, they are being fed by a range of stupid people around here, mostly cottage people/non-year-rounders because they think the animals are cute, or whatever. It means that the foxes, while still a little wild and skittish, are increasingly unafraid of people, willing to go right up to houses for food OR to be dangerously close to the roadside of the PEI National Park, where they risk being killed by traffic. I saw too many roadkilled foxes this past summer.