This seal popped up on the ice of the Covehead Bay about a week and a half ago, directly in front of our home. We think it crawled out of a hole in the ice below someone’s nearby smelt shack. Some local dipshits on snowmobiles dug a hole in the ice and put it in, thinking it would then swim away . . . nope, it now dunks in daily to fish and feed, but spends lots of quality time just laying around on side or belly. It seems healthy. It moves and flaps, goes in and out (head bobbing above the cold water), and I’ve seen the tracks its body has made in the snow atop the ice.

This last one is blurry, but I am not crazy enough to walk out on ice when it hasn’t been cold enough to freeze solidly! I think it is on the side or back.

Yes, people of some expertise have been called (mostly by other people in teh neighbourhood — plenty of gawkers), but no one has been out to rescue the animal. I don’t understand it. My mother believes it could be an older animal, come to a quieter shore while ill/dying. I do know, in late February, a young male juvenile showed up on a downtown Charlottetown street out of confusion.

I don’t quite know what to do, as time goes by and nothing seems to happen one way or the other. We rather look upon Seal as this friendly presence, this neighbour, and we look out for it every day.

But when the ice melts at last, I hope to god someone does come and help the animal get to where its “peoples” are!