The one thing that excites and scares me all at once . . . is the prospect of the job search in Toronto. Sure, the fear is just an impetus in the end . . . yeah, but it is hard not to wonder how things will turn out. Will I get to secure anything before I move (doubt it)? Will I find something decent fast or will I be un/underemployed for a bit? God, I hope to find work sooner rather than later.

At the present time, with my bilingualism, my hoard of customer service experience, and hopefully the completion of my front desk agent certification course under my belt . . . I hope to have some good fortune in applying to the immense number of hotels in Toronto. I’ve read that there is a shortage of good, qualified workers for these positions, not a shortage of jobs . . . but, as an outsider, I don’t know how much I can count on this one area. And there can only be so many front desk/concierge positions out there.

Did I mention I’ve sent away for an Ontario and a Toronto Visitor’s guide so I can “cram” the local info, geography and history pre-move? 😀 Geek girl indeed.

There is a pioneer village ten minutes from my boyfriend’s apartment . . . I could have such a wonderful experience working as a guide there, but I don’t have any interesting 1860s skills (unless you count a few card games and a little dancing). I know the history/period inside and out, though! And crinolines and hoops don’t scare me! If only I were still in touch with a former supervisor with Confederation Players . . . it has been several years now.

There must be stuff out there. I am trolling some career sites and particular company sites to generate a list of what to explore and apply to.

First, I need to figure out how to find my way in the city!