Funny: as I brace for my new life in Toronto (I leave five weeks from today!!), I feel myself becoming more mentally attached to my identity as an “East Coaster”/Maritimer/Islander — in a philosophical sense more than anything else.

And not blindly so — I’m not a cheerleader for all things local, and I can see the less pretty/picturesque aspects of life here clearly — but feel myself getting my roots more firmly in place, in my heart.

Small symptom — I just got really excited hearing a Matt Mays and El Torpedo song pitched for CBC’s The National Playlist. I get really excited about local artists, musicians, and culture these days. It is like I am trying to soak it all up now.

I am fully prepared to adopt, on a level, my new community as my new home . . . but I suspect that, well, “you can take the girl off the Island but you cannot take the Island out of the girl.”

I think I’ll always call this place “home” — at least, in the sense that this is my point of origin. This will always be where I come from. I’ll always be “from Stanhope”. In some way, if only in my head.

As a person whose lived most of her life in a sparsely populated and rural area, I know that moving to a city as big as Toronto is going to be some adjustment . . .

No matter. I cannot wait to move. I can’t wait to get myself knee-deep in a job search and a new job, and I can’t wait to explore the city, and most importantly I can’t wait to be with my boyfriend. That’s the big factor. I’ll soon be so spoiled, having the guy with me and sharing life together IN PERSON — beyond one week spurts!

This is a huge adventure.