Gov. Mike Rounds said yesterday that he was inclined to sign a bill that would ban nearly all abortions in South Dakota, the broadest measure to outlaw abortion anywhere in the country.

Gov. Mike Rounds answered questions on Friday about a bill to ban abortions in South Dakota.

“I’ve indicated I’m pro-life, and I do believe abortion is wrong and that we should do everything we can to save lives,” Governor Rounds, a Republican, said in a news conference from the Capitol in Pierre, where the measure that would make performing an abortion a felony passed the state House and Senate this week. “If this bill accomplishes that, then I am inclined to sign the bill into law.

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I find this so troubling simply because it could inspire other activist, conservative governors to move in similar directions — once one or two states started legally banning gay marriage, many others followed suit quickly. And could this happen here, in Canada? I am already living in a province in which it is not possible to do so unless one travels well out of province, and at very great expense.

And is this really the most important issue in South Dakota? Aren’t there other, more important, issues the governor could be directing energy and time towards? What’s the economy like? Unemployment? Education, health, etc.? Acting powerfully in these areas would probably do a heck of a lot more to “save lives” and IMPROVE lives, as in current lives, than this bill would.

Yes, I am pro-choice. I just don’t believe that this is an area in which the state has much business to use their moral umph and ideology and essentially make medical choices for what is probably over half their population. 800 women seeking abortions per year, in the state’s only clinic, is not a tiny number. What next for women like these?

I’ll admit that I probably am not someone who would choose abortion for myself, but that is me and I have no call telling another woman what is right for her body and her life.