I was had last night.

My boyfriend, who lives in Toronto, flew to PEI as a surprise and arranged for me to show up at 42nd Street Lounge expecting to hang out with friends . . .

Instead, as I walked over, I ended up shrieking in surprise (yes, shrieking) as Mike walked out from under the Olde Dub balcony and suddenly materialized out in the street. Holy surprise!

My parents were in on it, along with two close friends. It was planned over a month ago . . . wow!

He had booked a suite, and had yellow roses (!) and red wine waiting for me there. My mother had packed things for me, and I was just struck dumb. Was not expecting to see him again until my big move in April!

My cheeky friend had even “offered” to mail my parcel for him for me, only to hold onto it until he got here so he could open it with me present. Clever stuff.

I am a crazy lucky girl.