Have I ever mentioned that I have chocolate issues? 😛

I am an addict. It is my one big addiction (okay, coffee’s in there too).

I want to say I have willpower, esp. when the Valentine’s stuff goes on deep discount tomorrow . . . but that is something I can’t pretend to, and I don’t really try very very hard when it comes to this one little compulsion.

I’ve been keeping a baggie with caramel-filled Kisses in my purse all weekend. So sue me. It was a cheap one and I love them and I won’t repent. I like giving them away randomly too, digging treats out of purses and pockets.

Someone passes me a box of chocolates, I cannot turn one down. I don’t think I have it in me . . .

But, as hinted above, I LOVE giving other people chocolate. A guest left us some heart-shaped chocolates as a treat, but I think I ended up giving them all away to the children in the hotel. It is too much fun watching someone’s face brighten at the prospect of an unexpected sweet. A treat is a treat, and I say a culturally-endorsed “chocolate holiday” is a nice excuse to treat others (and yourself).

See, this is just another chocolate holiday for me. Yep, I’m in love with a fab guy and I did send him some treats and a card, but we can treat each other anytime — we don’t need an arbitrary “day”. It is just another chocolate holiday. Even when I was single, I would still indulge in chocolate just because . . . um . . . impulse shopping. Damn it . . . 😀

It is nice, an excuse for chocolate, in mid-winter. It is a comfort food, and a serotonin boost too. I know it is probably NOT so very healthy that I do eat so much chocolate every now and then, but as long as I balance it out with other food choices and exercise . . . I’m really not going to worry too much! I’m not in danger of obesity or health issues at present — diabetes is in the extended family but I am not a constant junk food consumer.

Life is short, damn it all! Happy Chocolate Holiday, folks!

Love, your local chocoholic