I love my coffee. I have been loving it for 11 years now . . .

And I think it is perfectly healthy to have one or two cups a day.

But, for me, I’ve drifted back into an old pattern of caffeine-overload. It is insanely easy to do, and I will lie to myself and say it is the taste that draws me, not the caffeine . . . but, especially at work, and especially during the breakfast shift, I have caught myself slurping down up to 4-5 cups of coffee within about three hours. Like hell that isn’t affecting me.

It is so easy to just pour myself another cup, since it is there and free and so good . . . the aroma at work, especially in the kitchen, will tempt me.

My boyfriend has entered his second month of being cigarette-free, and I thought this might be ideal momentum to start a gradual reduction on my coffee intake myself. I am not quitting it cold turkey, but I do need to scale back. One to two a day, and none after maybe 4pm.

It is causing me more headaches and dehydration than it is worth, and it does nothing to relax me. Not that I’m running around like a frenzied, agitated little rodent, but I do have my cranky/irritable spells and it probably has a causal link to excess caffination. So, es muss sein.