Sorry folks about the info overload, but the election results still have me stewing in many respects and I find myself drawn to the writings of intelligent bloggers. This one, local Robert Paterson’s take, is more positive/optimistic than Dave Pollard’s below.

Another point of view

Canada – The Parties Lost – The people won! (?)

“. . . Many object to minorities but I like them – the governing party has to deal with the complexity of finding a path that works for a culturally and geographically diverse country which is Canada.

I don’t envy our new Prime Minister who will have to work with his support base in the west and rural Ontario while pleasing his new supporters in Quebec while keeping the more liberal (with a small l) other parties in touch.

We will not be polarized as many find themselves in the US. Power in our country is to be found in the middle way. Canada has been very sensible. The wisdom of crowds?

I want to believe in the “wisdom of the crowds” exists . . . but, as one of the commentor’s to this post noted, the same crowds kinda did vote in Mulroney for two terms. And Chretien . . .