Leap and the net will appear . . .

A major concept in The Artist’s Way involves synchronicity: this idea that, once you take a step in a direction (be it a risk, or a step in a process, or something along those lines), you may find things falling into place for you simply because you have ventured forth.

Hardly a scientific, failsafe principle, but it is funny the way things can work out sometimes.

For example . . . in this group I am participating in (“Blogging the Artist’s Way”), there are only (to my knowledge) three to five Canadians among about 100+ members. Most are Americans, some Britons, some Irish, and so forth. A diverse mix, in essence.

While browsing among other blogs in the group, I found one which had an extremely familiar userpic . . .
in fact, the church in the picture is in my province, directly across the street from where I work!! ]

So, this person is just about 40-50 minutes away, and I can feasibly have a coffee with this person sometime.

Coincidence, yes. But I do find it fun that I discovered the main blog of this group right around the time that this began, and that the first day of the 12 week course was my birthday.

People reading this who are not into synchronicity or AW or anything like that may shake their heads at me and my interest in such auspicious things. I don’t care what you think, honestly. I just think it is all neat, and I am finding the course challenging and enriching.