Yes, call me crazy, but I miss having a lovely carpet of snow outdoors for more than two days at a stretch. I was just horrified to see all that wonderful white and silver just melted away into grey/green/brown muck by last night. And the Covehead Bay is half-exposed.

Another local blogged that buds were spotted on some trees in Ch’town. I also rea d these immaturely budding branches will not leave in spring normally, and may remain bare all year . . .

I’m wondering about people whose livelihoods depend on winter cold: ski hills, instructors, snowmobiling industries, winter festivals which need ice/snow to build sculptures.

Nevermind what wildlife deals with the up and down/is it winter or isn’t it syndrome.

I want a blustery, stormy, snowy February. It doesn’t have to be skin-scalding cold, or too much — just a bit more than this, for at least a week. I love winter, damn it.