I got this quote off of Kathryn’s bulletin board via her blog. Italics and bolds are mine:

Reality is a flowing. This does not mean that everything moves, changes, becomes. Science and common experience tell us that. It means that movement, change, becoming is everything that there is. There is nothing else; everything is movement, is change. The time that we ordinarily think about is not real time, but a picture of space.

Henri-Louis Bergson

I like this idea of time as a “picture of space”. I find myself googling Bergson.

Anyway, I am thinking back to New Year’s Eve at Marieve’s family home, and someone talking about glass — how it is, as we learn in school, a liquid which just happens to be moving very very very slowly. In very old windows, sometimes the panes are thicker at bottom, or you can actually tangibly see the ripples. Our lives work like this, too, flowing and changing without us being able to detect the change until much later. Other times, there are more rapid forms of change. But very few things, if any, remain static.