I received my copy of The Artist’s Way for Christmas in 2000 — yes, five years ago — from my then-boyfriend. I was only twenty, and in the middle of undergrad English (read: loads of writing) . . . so I read it, enthused about it, but never made it very far at all.

But the gift was important. He wanted me to write more (or, more freely and for my own non-academic pleasure), and he knew I had the drive in me in spite of the heavy self-doubt and anxiety I had always possessed.

I have returned to this text and tried, on my own, to forge ahead along the program but I’ve never made it long enough without being, well, my usual procrastinatory self. I am, for example, not the most successful Morning Pages practitioner. And, of course, I berated myself for not being disciplined enough or “creative enough” to stick with it independently. I think there’s a whole week (or two) devoted to this kind of self-sabotage. I think the whole book is really about fighting this creativity-quashing force, among others.

Leap, and the net will appear, reminds Julia Cameron, the author of “The Artist’s Way”. And I am a believer. I know synchronicity is a real force, if you are present in your own life long enough to touch it.

This time, working with a group as I am with Kat’s wonderful spur to action, I am feeling strong in this. I just discovered her blog, entirely at random, about two months ago at best because I had begun browsing such sites as “Illustration Friday”. I love the Internet’s potential to connect.

Week One also starts right smack on my 26th birthday. THEN, the next day, my very creative and loving and sweet muse of a boyfriend arrives for a whole week. He’s trying to quit smoking, and I’m trying to quit my own negative shit — two can make the balance, I say.

And so it begins.